1.High quality design, adopting food grade pipe and spare part for high grade long effective filtration for tap water and well water to guarantee to drink safe water and your health

2.Adopts the most advanced 5-grade reverse osmosis technology to remove up to 99% pollutant including germ, bacteria, arsenic, chlorine, lead, fluorine, heavy metal and thousand of pollutant, providing you with unlimited clear, sweet and tasty water of choice quality.

3.125G super big flow design, quick to purify water, output exceeds similar model about 150% in the market, save water and environmentally friendly with pure water and waste water scale about 1:1, synthetic waste water output is just about 50-60% of that of traditional 50G purifier.

4.Systematically equipped with 100% lead free cock tap to ensure to provide no polluted, healthy and safe pure water.


System Capacity            Up to 125 GPD

Storage Tank Capacity       3.2 Gallons

Suitable Water Quality       Municipal Tap Water

Water Pressure Suitable      2-7 bar(29-102 Psi)

Operating Pressure          2-4.5 bar(29-65 Psi)  

Maximum TDS              1000PPM

Feed Water Temperature     38-100°F 


Function introduction to 5 grade filter element

1st grade : 10 inch 5μm PP filter element

The diameter of PPF filer element is 5μm, which can effectively remove solid impurities in the water whose diameter is above 5 micron, such as rust, sand etc.

2nd granular activated carbon

High efficient carbon can effectively absorb the chlorine, humus, disinfect substance, foul smell and abnormal color etc in water.

3 rd condense activated carbon

Deep filtration of suspended substance, microbe etc and decolor the original water

4th reverse osmosis membrane

The hole diameter is 0.00015μm, which can effectively remove hazardous substance such as germ, virus, heavy metal ion, agriculture residue.

5th grade post activated carbon

Adopts importing coconut shell activated carbon to improve taste of pure water and provide fresh and sweet pure water


5 micron polypropylene sediment filter(10-inch),commonly known as PPF

Function: Effectively remove impurities in the water whose diameter is above 5 micron, such as suspended substance, sediment, bloodworm & rust.