The smog is coming, and indoor air pollution cannot be ignored.


In the second half of a year, the weather turns cold, dry air, rainfall, and industrial emissions, the increase of the motor to the rear of the machine, the large number of small dust particles floating in the air, is easy to generate the north common fog weather, prepare for the fog weather, are you ready?


According to related information, people spend 90% of their life indoors, 96.25% of indoor air is polluted, and 89.56% want to improve indoor air quality.

How to improve, the environment we can not improve, our indoor environment can be easily purified, free breathing, this requires indoor installation of clean air purifier.

But there are many questions about the need for air purification.

Question 1: how is air purifier used to purify indoor air?

Air purifier main function is to purify indoor air, it is through the intelligent detection system, the air quality monitoring of the surrounding environment, the HEPA network technology antibacterial filter + + catalytic modified activated carbon for multi-layer composite filter, for the natural bacteria in air, pollen, mites, viruses, formaldehyde, TVOC, PM2.5, nicotine, smoke, dust, tiny makings, etc., has a very efficient filter to remove.

Question 2: how to remove formaldehyde?

All said decoration materials for the large amounts of formaldehyde, volatile period for 15 to 20 years, purifier in addition to formaldehyde is through the combination of built-in filter, layer upon layer to a variety of harmful substances in the air filter, multilayer absorption, including formaldehyde, reach high quality air.

Question 3: there is no need for air purification in places with good air quality.

Because the air is a fluid, environmental good place, it will also be affected by the surrounding air flow and polluted, you just don't feel it, the air is good, the human eye is invisible, at most is nose can smell the smell of bad air, such as some very fine particles, different pathogens, it is colorless, odorless, unable to distinguish, say even if air good place, good indoor air could not set in stone, such as fear of cold in winter, the summer afraid of hot air conditioning, close the doors and Windows, and aggregation, house decoration, etc., after the air is very opaque, harmful bacteria more, you say air can be good to go.

At this time, you need an air purifier to filter the indoor air, sterilize, sterilize, increase negative ions, improve the indoor air quality, and improve the comfort level.

Question 4: only use air purifiers when the air quality is bad in the second half of the year.

In the second half of the year, the air is bad and the smog is heavy. Many people realize that the air purifier is needed at this time.

Is it only for the second half of the year?

In fact, spring, summer, autumn and winter all need air purifiers, spring climate recovery, bacteria breeding, air purifier can filter sterilization.

Summer to enjoy the cool air conditioning, doors and Windows closed, dust can't discharge, air turbidity is air-condition disease incidence season, more need clean air to purify air, sterilization, dust removal, one-time solve the problem of indoor oxygen and air pollution, etc.

Question 5: installation of air purifiers is complicated.

Air purifier does not need to install, put in a position, can be plugged in to purify air, very simple, young and old, old and young all appropriate operation, as a gift to send relatives, parents, send more healthy.