Investigation: nearly seven families of indoor air pollution exceeded the standard.


According to a report on the Internet, a sample of 40 households in chengdu, sichuan province, found that 67.5 percent of the indoor air pollutants exceeded the standard, and the indoor air environment of the residents was worrying.


It is understood that the activity has collected more than 70 valid entries in 2 years.The indoor air quality of 40 households was tested, and the activity test was benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia and TVOC. 

Benzene is flammable, toxic and a carcinogen.Source paint, adhesive, waterproof material, usually about half a year can basically evaporate.

TVOC: TVOC source artificial board, paint, paint and adhesive.Usually about half a year can basically evaporate.

Formaldehyde is recognized as a potential carcinogen, the main source of adhesives, plywood and other artificial boards;Wallpaper, paint, paint, etc.Formaldehyde is normally released for three to 15 years.


The activity tests found that 67.5 percent of the 40 households surveyed had excessive indoor air pollutants, and the overall indoor air quality was poor.

Formaldehyde is the main factor of air pollution in all kinds of pollutants.

Benzene and TVOC exceed the limit, the main reason is the environmental protection paint, the general application of paint in recent years.

According to the data, pollutants gradually decrease over time.

The highest pollution level in one year.

Even more than a year, some pollutants exceed the standard.

It is worth noting that the use of non-wood household pollution is relatively serious, even if all the household pollutants using solid wood still exceed the standard.

Experts say that many residents have a cognitive misconception that ventilation can make pollutants naturally evaporate.

In fact, some pollutants are volatile, can be eliminated through natural ventilation, but the proportion of formaldehyde is larger than air, easy to precipitate, even if the window ventilation formaldehyde is still difficult to clear.

In addition, such as pineapple, grapefruit, leather, tea will be volatile aroma, must cover the smell effect, and no decomposition, when we smell the fragrance only think of harmful gas has been cleared, in fact pollution still exists.

It is worth noting that activated carbon does not decompose contaminants and can only be adsorbed.

When room temperature rises or adsorbs saturation, the pollutant will be released again, forming secondary pollution.


Method of eliminating indoor pollution at present commonly used method mainly there are physical method, biological method, air purifier, etc., some plants grow all kinds of pollutants can be absorbed in the home, to absorb proportion to reduce indoor pollution, this is the most common is convenient, but the most effective convenient or air purifier is used to purify indoor air, using a combination of air purifier built-in multi-layer filter, can on benzene, formaldehyde, ammonia, TVOC, dust, PM2.5, remove harmful substances such as viruses.

People spend about 80% of their life indoors, so the quality of indoor environment has a direct impact on human health.

When the people undertake decorating, choose environmental protection decorate material as far as possible, choose formal decoration company, and adopt formal brand air purifier, early use, purify early.