The difference between pure water machine and water purifier.


Strictly speaking more pure than water treated water purifiers, pure water machine can be directly drinkable, but nowadays the market the net is also called water machine (some) refers to the pure water machine, the low-end, made out of the water can't direct drinking water purifier has been eliminated, in this paper, according to the strict definition to explain the difference between the pure water machine and water purifier.

For safe drinking water, pure water machine is the best choice.Pure water machine is a current international popular through the way such as reverse osmosis, the raw water after filtering processing (physical) without adding any compounds produced for human to drink pure water machine.Purified water is more fresh, hygienic and safer than bottled water.It's very versatile.

The difference between a water purifier and a pure water machine.

The difference is huge:

Water filter or water purification machine, is a general designation, if the refinement of the filters can be divided into single-stage ultrafiltration water purifiers, still have a kind of hierarchical filtering generally fall into four or five or even more levels, more USES is PP cotton, activated carbon, carbon particles, powder charcoal, ultra filter, rear together is also called the water purification machine such as carbon or water purifier.The biggest difference is that these so-called water purifiers or water purifiers don't need to be powered, and the filtration accuracy is mostly a thousandth of a micron or higher.

Pure water machine, water purification machines, or water purifiers need electricity (most), is the difference between a vacuum water storage tank, pure water machine contains water purification machine or water purifier function and use of the material, can achieve one over ten thousand micron filter higher, because the most important thing is that it USES the RO reverse osmosis technology, because the filter is more sophisticated, so the general hydraulic cannot pass through, so you need to use electricity, electricity to drive machines wear booster pump for raw water pressure to pass.In fact, many bacterial viruses have different color odors that are filtered out completely by pure water.

Why choose a pure water machine?


Advantages of pure water machine:

1. Thoroughly remove water and alkaline scale, and protect the family's drinking water health;

2. Pure water is used for cooking, which is more hygienic and more delicious.

3. Pure water is used for bathing, which can remove impurities from the skin, moisten the skin, and have the effect of natural beauty.

4. It can be provided with water for the humidifier, steam iron, beauty meter and other small household appliances, and will never show the annoying white powder.

5. Used with the ice maker, the ice crystal is crystal clear without any peculiar smell.

Type of pure water machine:

According to the usage, it is divided into manual type (economic type) and automatic type. The difference is in the backwash of the pure water machine. The economical pure water machine USES manual flush valve.

Characteristics of pure water machine:

1. There is a booster pump, 2. Need power supply, 3.

4. Generally six levels of filtration;1 for PP cotton, 2 for the UDF, the third level for PP cotton, the fourth for aerospace technology RO reverse osmosis membrane (main core), the fifth of T33, is mainly used to improve the taste, the first six level of mineralization filter, increase the human body needs minerals, mineral drinking pure water machine.

Function of pure water machine:

It not only can be impurities, rust, sand, out most of the bacteria, viruses, and can also be harmful to human body of radioactive particles, organic matter, fluorescent material, pesticide, can also be annoying thermonatrite and heavy metals, ensure that you didn't thermonatrite produced in the boiling water, at the same time, keep your family healthy drinking water.


Disadvantages of pure water machine:

Pure water machine in the process of making water will produce waste water, pure water machine of RO reverse osmosis membrane aperture small, small must rely on pressure playing in the past, the water for impurity after but RO membrane is out, also produced wastewater, the wastewater can be recycled at the same time, however, such as flushing washing mop and so on.