Embargo foreign garbage, improve the new environment.


On July 9, this year, China officially announced that it would not accept foreign trash and stir up thousands of waves in the world. People laughed at the news, feeling that China was strong and banned foreign trash. But the reality is not so simple, according to us media, the United States is a mountain of garbage, and since China has banned the import of garbage, the United States and many European developed countries have been trapped in the garbage.




Take the state of Oregon, which is America's environmental leader. In such an enviable state, it was besieged by rubbish in a few months. Before July, most of the state's garbage was shipped to China, leaving only clean streets and clear blue skies. But in just a few months, Oregon has become another scene, with hundreds of tons of waste piled up in every neighborhood, and even the parking lot has been piled up. Several states have already started burying and burning rubbish, but this has caused a great deal of damage to the atmosphere and groundwater.


  禁运洋垃圾,改善新环境  禁运洋垃圾,改善新环境


  For many years, our country in order to obtain a lower cost of raw materials, had to import many foreign garbage, although the economic development, but the waste generated in the more, the rubbish couldn't pollution-free processing, all have to landfill and incineration around the country, pay a heavy price, many hills and green have disappeared, and the fog became a common vocabulary, water pollution is common all over the country, even the rural net, this last one is also polluted. Now, in order to return people to the blue water and blue sky, to stop the import of foreign garbage, from the height of the country to clean up the environment, see how much the country has to deal with environmental pollution.  



The governance environment is not a day or two, it is not a year and two years of good governance, it is a long-term governance process, our generation will accompany the whole process of governance. In the process of governance, how can we protect our health from polluted air and polluted water?


In economic development, in the progress of science and technology, new to hoi ching "new life for human health" as the goal, the development of intelligent environmental protection water treatment and air purifier, combined with the new type of Internet of things, intelligent detection filter, purifying water and air, let everyone to live into clean water, clean air here, with blue sky dream round each of the environmental health of dream!



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