Hikins introduced the amoeba business model.


Amoeba model is Japan kazuo inamori original business model, he created two second telecom world 500 strong enterprises, kyocera and, in the rice business at an early age, he is responsible for research and development, and is responsible for marketing, when the company development to more than 100 people, feel miserable, I very eager to have many own copy to all important departments responsibility.

Therefore, he subdivided the company into the so-called "amoeba" small group, and entrusted the management responsibility, thus cultivated a lot of leaders with business sense.

Ameba management pattern that the two businesses thrive, longevity, ameba management pattern is the whole company divided into many small organization called amoeba, this is the key of the success of its business model clear enterprise development direction, and pass it to each employee.


Hoi ching new shoulder the environmental health of health need hoi ching "new" is used, with their own research and development production of water purifiers and air purifier to bring in the economic development environment pollution hazard escort personnel's physical health.

Hoi ching new high in the period of rapid development, promotion of amoeba business model, combining with the enterprise culture, systematic, humanized management, advocating "brain thinking, focus, focus on details, pragmatic pursuit of spirit of enterprise, a new life as the goal, to create human health make science and technology, environmental protection, safety, health new ideas.

Haiqing new company deeply implement the spirit of amoeba, realize the operation of full participation;

By accounting as an important indicator of employee contribution, the goal consciousness of employees is cultivated.

Highly transparent operation;

Top-down and bottom-up integration;

Cultivating senior management leaders;

Lay a good foundation for the healthy and rapid development of the company.