Join in policy
01Haiqing new product experience center establishment step
Regional promoter
A. the counties have entity shop or office area of 40-50 ㎡;Having a business license;The promotion of the new health smart home product project of haiqing is highly recognized.
B. Investment of 18w 3w.
Joint shareholders
A. Recruit 8 joint shareholders.
B. Invest 3w 3w.
The company audit
A. Review of the new head office of haiqing.

Experience centre center
A. The founder of the platform has 8 joint shareholders.
B. Establish a new product experience center of haiqing.
02Accounting for stock analysis
03The company rewards
The recruitment
 award of the joint shareholdersis as follows:
The store rewards 20,000 yuan for 
decoration fund,
The boutique rewards 50,000 yuan decoration fund,
The physical store is decorated with the 
new unified image of haiqing.
The company supports a series of products, 
a demo machine,9 sets of water quality
 testing tools.The company's stock 
safety inventory is worth
 about 40,000 yuan.
04Support from the company.
  • Product training, investment promotion training.
  • Training of installers
  • To the factory training company to bear the accommodation.
  • Experience the full range of product support.
  • Professional lecturers support
  • Store interpretation policies and products.
  • Advertising support
05Benefit analysis
  • Sales bonus
    District county sales reward 200 yuan.
  • Partner award
    The distribution partners in the district and county shall be rewarded 30%.
  • Service car
    When the product sales reach 5000,The company rewards 7 commercial vehicles.
  • Decorate a fund
    When the cumulative sales volume reached 10,000 units,Store upgrade 80-100 square meters,The company award 10 yuan decoration fund.
06Dealer rights and privileges
  • Franchise and equity
    Primary distribution (3 thousand) : the income is 800 yuan/Taiwan (20) 500 yuan/station (>20)
    Intermediate distribution (10,000 yuan) : RMB 800 / Taiwan (80) 500 yuan/platform (>80)
    Advanced distribution (30000) : RMB 800 / platform (300) 500 yuan/station (>300)
  • Benefit analysis
    Primary distribution enjoys a 40% share of revenue.
    Intermediate distribution enjoys a 50% share.
    Exclusive distribution enjoys a share of 60%.

  • Travel awards
    All levels of distribution partners:
    1. Completed the annual sales of 300 units,
    Reward domestic travel.
    2. Completed the annual sales of 500 units,
    Reward travel abroad.
07Membership rights and privileges
Member conditions
Buy any new smart
The rights 
The right to sell products is unlimited
Benefit analysis
800 yuan/Taiwan (3 sets)      500 yuan (>3)                  Share revenue 20%
08Provincial "regional big customers" rights and benefits
Coverage area:
1. There are mature sales network within the province, with more than 50 sales personnel;
2. There are more than 10 existing entity stores or franchised stores in the province;
3. There are more than 10 distributors in the whole province;
Interests and benefits:
To meet any of the above conditions, you can apply to become a new provincial major customer of haiqing,To promote the new brand model of haiqing, and enjoy the market protection of all regions in the province.Enjoy a 2 percent share of all "haiqing new healthy home experience hall" established in the region.
09The rights and benefits of "regional big customers" at the municipal level
Coverage area:
1、The city has a mature sales network, sales staff up to 10 people.;
2、There are more than 3 stores or franchised stores in the city.;
3、There are more than 3 distributors in the whole city.;
Interests and benefits:
To meet any of the above conditions, you can apply to become a new city-level customer,To promote the new brand model of haiqing, and enjoy the market protection in all areas of the city.Enjoy a 2 percent share of all "haiqing new healthy home experience hall" established in the region.
Industry development
Development background
  • First, air purifiers are a "strategic commodity" in China.
    According to the latest statistics by the world health organization, 92% of the world's people live in PM2.5 levels, each year more than 3 million, the number of deaths due to air pollution serious air pollution and smog outbreak let people pays particular attention to living environment and physical health.
  • Second, the net market is an "undercompetitive" market.If air pollution continues, air purifier, or will become a color TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine after the fifth largest household appliances necessary, an empty net industry in the Chinese market has not yet entered the stage of full competition, is a promising "blue ocean" market.
  • Again, the air purifier is an "entry level" product.Smart home is a future direction, air purifiers are more likely to be the entrance, have the opportunity to become a breakthrough for the development of the Internet in the intelligent hardware, at the same time, it can not only help companies better access to the Internet traffic and data, therefore the companies layout ahead of time.


What is the big health industry?
Healthy China is proposed in 2020.

  • Xi said:

    Build the world's Internet power.

  • Premier li:

    Internet thinking.

  • internet

    The creation of the "two horses" wealth legend.

  • Xi said:

    The whole nation is healthy and well off.

  • Premier li

    The state council has issued a list of health and green consumption items

  • industry:

    What is true health?